Answered: I uploaded my Online Challenge files and something went wrong

So I was uploading today for the Educational video… and when I started to upload it did not upload all 3 of my documents, I re submitted assuming it was just a small error, but it only upload 2 of my documents!!! I really dont want to be disqualified for any of this error! HELP!

First of all – take a deep breath and relax. We’ll take care of you.

If you think your Online Challenge entry has an error in it such as the wrong files uploaded, a bad link, or other technical issue, send an email to with:

Your real name
Your email address
If you are on a VRC team, your team number
The user ID that posted the entry
Which challenge you are entering
A description of the problem

As long as we receive this email by the submission deadline, we will help you fix your entry and you will be considered to have met the deadline.

Good luck!