Answered: Identical Part Under <R7b>?

Would these count as an identical part under <R7b>?
Currently there is a debate within my club and we really want to be sure before we get them to be safe at tournaments.

Thank you!

<R7> Robots are allowed the following additional “non-VEX” components:
b. Any parts which are identical to legal VEX parts. For the purposes of this rule, products which
are identical in all ways except for color are permissible. Note: It is up to inspectors to
determine whether a component is “identical” to an official VEX component.

No, they would not. There is no way for an inspector to know if the internals of that battery are the same as that of the official VEX battery. As such, the only legal types of batteries are VEX 7.2V Robot Battery Packs. This is also stated in <R13> of the VEX Sack Attack Game Manual.

Thank you Karthik!

You’re welcome!