Answered: Identicality of rubber bands when cut

I know the kids are allowed to use non-Vex components when they are identical to the Vex item, but I have a question about the identicality of rubber bands under the following circumstances:

The kids are trying to make catapults and they are allowed to use size #32 and size #64 rubber bands. But, for example, sometimes a full #64 is too strong, so they cut the #64 in half to reduce the amount of energy it can store. (Just to be clear, if you think of a rubber band as a cylinder, they are cutting the cylinder’s height in half.) They wear out their rubber bands fairly fast, so they need to cut a lot of #64’s in half. They waste a lot of time doing that, so I got an idea.

I noticed that the #64 rubber band is 3.5 inches x 0.25 inches.
I noticed that the #33 rubber band is 3.5 inches x 0.125 inches.
The #64 Sterling Rubber band arrives as 425 CPP (counts per pound).
The #33 Sterling Rubber band arrives as 850 CPP (counts per pound).

It appears to me that a #33 rubber band is identical to a #64 rubber band cut in half. And considering how such things are probably manufactured, I’m guessing that the width of these bands is pretty much the only difference.

You can see an example comparison chart here:

So would it be legal to use a bunch of #33 rubber bands instead of #64 rubber bands sliced in half? (And while I’m at it, I guess I might as well ask if #18’s could be used instead of #32 cut in half, too.)

Please say yes. :slight_smile: (But remember: if you say no, expect my kids to challenge you to a #107 rubber band fight at 15 paces.)

No, this is not legal. You are restricted to the rubber bands available as part of the VEX EDR product line or identical replacements. However this is a change that the Game Design Committee will consider for future seasons.

Thanks. It’s been a while, I know, but I forgot to thank you for this answer.

Better muscle up that rubberband shooting finger, though. The kids will be waiting for you at Worlds. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

I mean, it could be worse, at least they’ll be shooting rubber bands instead of throwing tomatoes.