Answered: Illegal Robot

Is this robot legal in competition or does <G11>

and <R3>

cause it to become illegal? Match starts at around 0:40

It might be in the community’s interest if you create an inspection video for Sack Attack on what robots should be and should not be allowed in case referees did not read the entire manual.

I think this question is related to the one you answered earlier:

The robot depicted in the above video, specifically the device which is linking the two sections of the robot, appears to be in violation of <R3c>. The following Q&A goes into more details.

Here’s the pertinent part of that response:

“Non rigid devices which extend beyond the frame of a robot, are typically considered to be risks of entanglement. These types of situation are evaluated on a case by case basis. Specifically, non rigid devices which drag along the tiles, beyond the frame of the robot, will definitely be considered unnecessary risks of entanglement.

The device which is linking the two sections of the robot appears to be a non rigid device, dragging along the tiles and beyond the frame of the robot.

Please note, the reason I’m using the phrase “appears to be” is because it’s impossible for us to make a certain determination based on a short video clip.