Answered: Image prob, need help

i have uploded alot of pics, and for some reason, some of these pictures(all same, recognised format) show up black, and i dont know why

I’m taking a look at it right now – very weird.

i found th prob, the pics are probably too big for the screen, to view them, i have found out, just clisk on the picture to view

you might want to talk to the other tech people and try to get the forum to resize them to fit in the preview boxes on the main forum, off to the left


It’s something a bit more than just not being able to fit on the screen. I will be upgrading the forums sometime in the next week or two, and will upgrade the photo gallery and other modules as well. If it’s not fixed after that, I’ll do more investigation afterward.

ok dude, thanks for the info

will the upgraded forum have the accounts and settings of this one, or will we all have to re-register, i am not familiar with computer applications or programs and programming

It’s a minor upgrade, so if I didn’t tell you, you probably wouldn’t notice it was upgraded. Everything will look (and act) the same – it will just add some minor bug fixes and security patches.

ok, thanks