Answered: implication of blocking ruling

link text in the linked ruling you state that mobile goals could be used to block access to scoring zones. This ruling when combined with SG5
<SG5> Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, indirectly or directly, remove Cones from an opponent’s Stack.
a. A Robot that accidentally knocks over an opponent’s Goal, causing Cones to be removed, would be in violation of this rule. Teams should exercise extreme caution when interacting with or around opponent Goals.
would seem to indicate that little can be done if an opponents goal is placed blocking your scoring zone. Are any of the protections afforded in SG5 mitigated by the use of a goal in this manner. Causing cones to be knocked off if the attempt is clearly to enter the scoring zone. If this is still a violation, how would match affecting be determined? Simply the cones knocked off or are the bases scored in the process to be considered as well?

No, removing Cones off your opponent’s Stacks is not permitted, even when the Goals are in the path of your desired destination.