Answered: Include US-Digital encoders

Dear Vex-Team
In a project I’m working on a Mecanum-Wheel robot. This robot consists of four drives with four encoders. The encoders are from US-Digital, type E4P-360-250-D-D-D-B.
What I’m planning to do with these encoders, is a position control loop with every wheel. Is this possible to do with a Vex-controller? If yes, how do I connect the encoders to the controller and how do I program the Interrupt routines for the encoders? Could you give me some example code?

Thanks a lot for your help!


I’m not sure if your encoders will work with our Hardware.
The Cortex was designed to work along with our encoders:

In order to interface your sensors to our Microcontroller, you will need a 3-wire extension cable that provides: +5V, GND & a control signal.

I have attached some sample programs provided by easyC & ROBOTC.
They are for the VEX Shaft Encoders, but maybe you can use them as reference.

For help with your code please post your question in these forums:

-Eli]( (1.72 KB) (6.27 KB)