Answered: Incursions into Posts and <SG11>

Are we allowed to, during the process of scoring, have a mechanism insert partially into a Post?

As always, we can’t issue blanket statements on hypothetical situations without a full idea of ramifications and interactions of a certain action. That being said, here’s some general guidance.

If you’re incursion into the Post is both brief and shallow, you would definitely not be in violation of <SG11>. However the longer the duration and the deeper the incursion, the more likely you are to run afoul of <SG11>. Our concern here is teams who enter the post with part of their robot and end up anchoring themselves to the field, thereby putting the post at a risk for damage. So, if you’re in the process of Scoring, something you presumably would want to do quickly, and don’t dive too deep into the post, you should be fine.

If you choose to give us more details on the mechanism and process involved here, we can give you a more specific answer.