Answered: Inspection Integrity


A team recently passed inspection at a tournament, but later was seen that the robot had an illegal modification; however no changes were made during the tournament.

Would this mean that the team was illegal, because in my opinion;

the robot was approved by the inspectors who are supposed to hold up the rules for the integrity of a robot following certain rules, meaning after inspection was passed it should mean the robot, and all modifications and constructions in that 18^3 area were approved.


EDIT: Or, at-least if it passed inspection; possibly asking them to change it immediately otherwise illegal, for example the team at the competition was immediately disqualified without a warning, or an ask to change the part in a given timeout.

Please see <R2>, quoted below with a portion bolded for emphasis:

If a robot is found to be in violation of the rules despite passing an earlier inspection, then they must rectify the illegal situation before returning to the playing field. Refusal to do so, repeated violations, or other extreme circumstances could be considered a violation of <G1> at the Head Referee’s and/or Event Partner’s discretion.