Answered: Intake Question

Hello, my team has the idea of doing an overhead intake, with a conveyor belt. On the belt would be construction treads with screws mounted on each tread. Would this be legal, according to <R3>?

&lt;R3&gt; The following types of mechanisms and components are NOT allowed:  
a.  Those that could potentially damage playing field components.  
b.  Those that could potentially damage other competing robots.  
c.  Those that pose an unnecessary risk of entanglement. 

I was mostly worried about the sacks getting torn apart.

If your intake does tear sacks apart, it would absolutely be deemed illegal. Any time of intake which involves screws interacting with sacks will undergo extra scrutiny. For your device to be ruled legal, you will need to demonstrate to the referees that it cannot damage the sacks under normal match operation. You should be very cautious with this type of design.

So would it be ok if we covered the screws with something?

It would be okay if your intake doesn’t damage any Scoring Objects or Field Elements. We cannot determine if covering the screws will prevent this from occurring.