Answered: Intentional Tipping question.

So I was on the blue alliance along with another team at the pan-pacific competition. It was the last qualification round.

Now for those people who were there, they should know that a robot was intentionally tipped over. That was my robot.

I know that the other team got dqed and all, but why did the red alliance still get the points?

See, in the quarterfinals or semifinals, someone intentionally tipped Millilani’s robot, and that started a major debate. The alliance that tipped the robot got all their points deducted, when they still had some points.

When I saw that the other alliance that tipped Millilani’s robot over recieved no points, I was wanting to ask this question.

Are there different rules or something in the finals than the qualification rounds?

The rules against intentional tipping apply uniformly across qualifying and elimination matches, with violations leading to a disqualification.

Disqualifications are treated differently in the qualifications and the eliminations. In a qualifying match, only the team who is disqualified is punished, not the entire alliance. The disqualified team receives both 0 WP and SP, regardless of their alliance’s score. In an elimination match, if a team is disqualified the entire alliance is disqualified.