Answered: Interact with the gate during Autonomous

Rule SG12 states:

<SG12> Robots may not interact with the Gate for more than five (5) seconds or after there are thirty-five (35) seconds remaining in the Match. Robots may not interfere with the raising of the Gate, nor may they lift the Gate. Violations of this rule will result in a Disqualification.

Is it OK if robot hits the gate for more than five seconds during autonomous? For example, assume a robot starts in the interaction zone, and attempts to drive straight for the middle goal, but is bumped while attempting to do so, and winds up driving into a gate - and sits there for the remaining part of the autonomous period. Clearly this in unintentional.

Assuming this is not grounds for disqualification, perhaps the wording here could be modified to add “during the driver controlled period”.


Rule <SG12> applies both during the Driver Controlled Period and the Autonomous Period. Thus driving into the Gate during the Autonomous Period for more than 5 seconds would result in a Disqualification. The reason for this is to ensure teams have access to lift their Gate at any time during the match.