Answered: Interaction with a gate

We had a match at a tournament in which our ally’s robot (in the Isolation Zone) ran out of batteries while its arm was on top of our gate. When it came close to the last 30 seconds, the ref said we couldn’t open the gate while our ally was interacting with it, but we would still be disqualified for not raising the gate at the last 30 seconds. Fortunately we pushed our ally off the gate and raised it in time. However, I still wonder whether the ref would’ve been justified in DQing us had we not pushed our ally off.

Yes, you would have been disqualified if you had not have lifted the gate prior to the 30 second mark. There is no allowance for a partner robot becoming immobile over top of the gate. Please see <SG11> quoted below.

Would we be allowed to raise the gate while our immobile ally was still interacting with it?

There are no rules prohibiting this maneuver, thus it is legal. For restrictions on lifting the gate, please see <SG13> quoted below.