Answered: Interference With a Hanging Robot

<SG7> states that Robots may not touch an opposing Robot that is touching their own Hanging Bar/Structure after there are thirty seconds remaining in the match. Are Robots allowed to contact a Scoring Object that is being held by an opposing Robot, while the Robot is touching their own Hanging Bar/Structure, after there are thirty seconds remaining in the match?

After careful deliberation amongst the VRC Game Design Committee, we have decided to change our interpretation of <SG7>. Please note that this Q&A supersedes all past Q&A entries on this topic.

Any Scoring Objects which are held by a Robot that is touching the Hanging Bar/Structure, when there are less than 30 seconds remaining in the match, will be considered an extension of the Robot. Thus, contact of these Scoring Objects by the opposing alliance robots would be considered a violation of <SG7>.

Summation: Robots are protected while trying to hang in the last thirty seconds of the match. Robots should steer completely clear of their opponents’ Hanging Bar/Structure during this period of the match to avoid the ramifications of violating <SG7>.