Answered: Is a wallbot "legal" in the sky rise game?

I just have a quick question on the “legality” of robot types. One of our teams built a wallbot – it fits the legal sizing tool – but when the game starts, the robots arms comes out and creates a wall. We saw this happen in sack attack. Is this robot “legal” in sky rise? What can students do with it and what should they not do to avoid being disqualified? The arms, once deployed, do not return back to the body. They remain extended. They are manually retracted at the end of the game. So the arms are extended all the way out during the match.

Thank you for your input.

Provided that no other rules are violated in the process, this is legal.

They should pay careful attention to all game rules, specifically <SG9> which deals with interference with the building of a Skyrise. Because of the large area occupied by a wall bot, they are more likely to accidentally violate this rule.