Answered: Is an early graduate still enrolled in high school able to drive at VEX competitions?


We have a member in our team who graduated early from our high school (after first semester) since he had an internship option for the rest of the semester; he had enough credits to graduated. Since he had been our primary driver for most of the VEX tournaments in the past we wanted to know if him driving in competitions would disqualify us from the matches since he does not take any classes at our high school anymore.

He has not received his high school diploma which means he is still enrolled in high school but due to his internship, he cannot attend any classes during school hours.

Any help is appreciated.

Best Regards,
Hall Robotics (Team 1697)

Yes, as long as he is still enrolled in a pre-college school and meets the age requirements, he would be a legal Drive Team Member. The exact rule is quoted below: