Answered: Is any size standoff allowed?

Is any size (under 6") aluminum, 1/4" hex (or round?), 8-32 screw size, female standoff allowed? (for example, 1/8" or 1.25") Or does it have to be one of the sizes that vex sells? Or can it be a size that could be cut from a vex standoff (like 1/8"), and does the thread length have to be the same; could it be a 4" standoff with .375" thread length, or a 2.75" standoff with .375" (or .5", since that couldn’t be from a standard vex size and length) thread?
So, more generally, are parts that are close to vex parts (but not functionally different) legal (ex. .375 thread length standoff), are parts that could be made from legal vex parts legal (ex. .125" standoff), and, if both are legal, are parts that could be made to be close to vex parts legal, ex. 2.75" standoff with .375 thread length (how about .5 thread length)?

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As seen above, it needs to be identical to the standoffs sold by VEX, meaning the dimensions and shape need to be the same.

No, this is not legal.

No, this is not legal, the part must be identical.

If you started off with an identical replacement to a a legal VEX part, and machined it down to .125", this would be legal. However, simply purchasing a standoff that is not identical to a VEX part and using it, is not legal.