Answered: Is my Vex Cortex Joystick Dead?

When I turn on the joystick all four lights flash red and then off. We have changed the batteries and made sure those batteries are charged by checking them in other joysticks but still nothing. What is wrong with the Joystick?

Have you tired running the Vexnet Upgrade Utility yet?

Yes and nothing happens because it cant find the Joystick

Everyone, say hello to Charles, who just joined VEX Robotics as an addition to the technical support team. There is another new person, too, but he hasn’t posted yet.

This is a Good Thing, and you should be happy that VEX continues to invest in supporting all of us. I know I am.

If you are unable to run the Upgrade Utility, then you will need to contact Vex support and have a RMA setup.