Answered: Is the list in <SG9> inclusive?

Are a-f meant to be an inclusive list of actions which would violate <SG9>, or are they merely meant as a non-inclusive list of examples of things which are illegal? That is to say, if a referee believes an action interferes with the construction of the Skyrise but it does not violate anything in a-f, would the action be illegal?

EDIT: For example, I’m afraid that referees might be slightly overzealous in their application of this rule, i.e. if some form of wallbot was preventing a robot from returning to the area around its Skyrise it could technically be considered “interfer[ing] with an opposing Alliance’s Building of Skyrise Sections.” Obviously this is an extremely loose interpretation of the rule, but it highlights my fear that if the list is non-inclusive then referees could be able to construe many legitimate attempts at defensive play as illegal.

A-F are not meant to be absolutely conclusive, however they are intended to be clear concrete examples of actions that are not permitted. A-F are close to being inclusive, but we have left intentionally left the rule open ended to allow the referees the discretion to warn/penalize teams who find other ways to inhibit Skyrise Building. We’ll go over this in detail during the referee training videos.

What you have described here is definitely legal.

OK, thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!

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