Answered: Is there a limit to the number of flags permitted on a robot?

We are interested in putting an unusual number of flags on our robot for the coming year. Is there a limit to the number of flags that we may use?

EDIT: And where can we purchase flags separate from the fields? We seem to have lost the 40 that came with our field, and were considering hosting a Scrimmage later in the season.

Provided that the flags are used solely as non-functional decorations, and no other rules are violated, there would be no limit to how many you can use.

Flags are not available for purchase on their own. I suggest you contact another team/group in your area and see if you can borrow their flags to use at your scrimmage.

Excellent, thanks.

Our shop is a bit of a mess, so we’ll look around a bit more before asking teams in our area. If I may ask, why aren’t flags available for purchase? We had an idea to give them out as memorabilia for a robotics “summer camp” we were considering hosting as an introduction to VEX for curious students, but if the only way to get more is to order an entire additional field that may not be possible.

You’re welcome.

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