Answered: Is this 30 points?

I saw this video yesterday and I don’t know if this is answered anywhere else, but I don’t see how the robot scored 30 points with its stack, since most of the pieces are above the goal. I don’t mean to criticize, I certainly admire 1107B for making such a creative robot. I’m just wondering if this is indeed 30 points as the video claims; if it is then it’s something I’d like to bring back to my team.

Let’s take a look at the definition of Scored.

Scoring Objects which are not fully below the top of the PVC pipes of a Circular Goal, still count as Scored provided that some part of the Object breaks the plane of the outer ring of the Goal. Thus, all Objects in that video look to be Scored. (It’s impossible to assess this with 100% certainty based on a video shot at that angle.)

Thanks for clarifying!

You’re welcome!