Answered: Is this egregious entanglement under <G11>?


There was some energetic debate regarding the functionality of our robot at the last event. In the video seen below, we are the red interaction robot that starts out in autonomous next to the wall. As autonomous begins, an arm swings over the top to grab the wall. In a later match, a robot drove under the arm to prevent this from occurring and the two robots were entangled for the remainder of the match. We currently do not have a method of raising the arm back up after this initial move.

The question debated was, is this entanglement incidental, intentional or egregious via <G11>? If so, on which robots part, the one with the swinging arm or the one that drives into it? Lastly, would the robots just bare the consequences of their choices or would the entanglement merit disqualification?

Video :

Thank you

Before I answer, let me remind you we can’t issue blanket rulings based on partial snapshots of hypothetical situations.

Based on what you have described, it sounds like a case of incidental entanglement, not meriting a disqualification as per <G11>. The robots became entangled via normal game play. There is no intentional grabbing or hooking of opponent robots. I’ve quoted the definition of Entanglement for your convenience.