Answered: Is Touching a Stack on a Mobile Goal Possession

Rule SG9 limits possession to 1 cone.

And possession involves controlling the movement of the cones.

However stacked cones do not count towards the possession limit.

But, touching a cone scored on your goal destacks it and all cones above it

Therefore, is it legal to control the movement of a mobile goal with cones fully nested on it while touching one of the cones in the middle or would this violate the possession limit?
Would the ruling change if the robot were not merely touching one of the middle cones but instead grasped it?
Would the ruling change if the robot were not controlling the movement of the base at all and only touching one of the cones on it?
If the first scenario is illegal, are robots required to be built such that cone stacks do not sway and inadvertently touch the robot while stacking or moving mobile goals, or would this be an acceptable violation that should not result in a DQ or warning (again assuming the first situation is illegal)?

This is a very good question.

The intent is for this to be legal. Robots will be allowed to touch/hold Stacked Cones in the manner you have described. We want teams to be able to move Mobile Goals with Stacked Cones upon them, without being penalized for for touching those Cones.

We will be adjusting the wording of some rules and definitions in the June 15th update to make this clear.