Answered: Issuing of Skyrise sections during competition

During the competitions I’ve seen and been to, the 7 sections you get are placed on the floor. This is fine and all, but my concern is that during the world championship, the playfield will be raised to about waist level. It would be rather difficult for drive team members to keep bending down to pickup and load the sections (especially if the team has no drive team member that is not controlling, such as the team have only two members). I’m sure this would slow the scoring process down by a lot.

During the Asia Pacific Championship (the playfield was also elevated), the Skyrise Sections were given in a large box that the members could hold up, so that they don’t have to keep bending down and wasting time.

My question is, will there be such a thing during the championship? If not, I would like to suggest doing this.

This is something we will consider for the World Championship. Thank you for your suggestion.