Answered: Joystick and Cortex Help

Hello all,
Recently when trying to turn on my robot my cortex microcontroller will not link with my vexnet joystick. I believe that the problem is in the joystick because the two yellow lights are blinking quickly in both the nexnet and game lights on the microcontroller suggesting that it is looking for the joystick. When trying to connect to the joystick however, a slow green light is flashing on the robot light on the joystick. No other lights are flashing. Also, I have already downloaded the frimware update and I cannot download the master default code becuase the joystick and controller will not connect. Both the joystick and controller have fresh batteries. When trying to tether the joystick to the controller, the tether does not work and the same lights show as now. How can I fix this?
Help Please!

You are correct; the problem is in your Joystick. Be sure there is no power to the Joystick. Depress and Hold the CONFIG Switch using the 1/16” Allen Wrench or similar tool. You should feel and hear a “Click” when the Switch is depressed properly. While the Switch is depressed, connect the USB Cable to the Joystick USB port – the other end should already be connected to the PC. When all 3 LEDs on the Module are solid Green, quickly release the CONFIG Switch. Now try to do a Download using the VEXnet Utility.