Answered: Joystick power source

Ok so last year one of our mentors, Anton Olsen told us of this cool way to attach vex 7.2 volt batteries to our controllers by extending wires out from the AAA battery area to the 7.2 volt vex legal battery. We were allowed into every competition without question, except nationals where they said it was not legal, however our mentor texted John VN to see if we could legally do this or not. We got the text in time and he said that it was legal. However I need to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, us not being allowed into a competition because we didn’t have complete and utter spelled out hand written proof.

P.S. the voltage is identical to the voltage of the AAA’s and the MAH can vary between any type of AAA battery you use, also these are vex official batteries we are using so no question of their safety.

This is legal provided that there has been no modifications made to the electrical components of the VEXnet Joystick. For this application, we will allow mechanical modifications to the VEXney Joystick housing. (e.g. You can drill access holes in battery door, etc.)

Thank you:)

You’re welcome.

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