Answered: Judge using their own camera to review footage to make/change a call

Is it allowable for a referee/judge to take their own photographs or video of a match to refer to afterwards to verify rulings?

As a referee, I recently used a recording device of my own to document and verify a ruling on a complex “supporting” cascade of a robot dangling a claw full of objectives over the fence that may or may not have been supported by an opponent.

If so, theoretically I would argue that I could use my own video evidence to tell if an objective made contact with a bot before going out of bounds if I didn’t catch it when it happened late in a match, or to determine if robots stayed out of opponents scoring zones during autonomous.

I understand that the spirit of the rule banning review/replays is to respect the calls of the referee and allow the matches to occur with little to no red-tape. That being said, is it acceptable for referees to record and review footage, and for instance change their autonomous ruling later after deliberation without petition from competitors?

No, this is not acceptable.