Answered: Large amounts of string

Would long lengths of string (tied together of course so they are legal length) be considered a risk of entanglement? if the string was on the ground so it was not in the air, so that robots could drive over it (string could run from side to side of the field) - and if this is not, would latex tubing? as it is smaller and would not get in the way as much


This question is difficult to answer without actually seeing the proposed implementation. That being said, long lengths of string running across the entire field definitely seems like an entanglement risk. Latex tubing running across the field would fall under the same scrutiny that string would.

Sorry to bring up an old post, but would large amounts of string - suspended at atleast 50" above the playing surface (unlikely to get in anyones way) be considered a risk? because i doubt any robot is going to get caught on something 50" high… and if the answer is no, then my question is… how high? :slight_smile: (this is now for Gateway)