Answered: Large ball specs

I note from the Game Manual the following:

“Large Balls – A red or blue, approximately spherical, inflatable, soft plastic Scoring Object with an overall
diameter of 15.5-16.5”. Each Large Ball weighs approximately 0.9 lbs.”

But we just got a VEX Toss Up Object Kit
P/N: 276-3049 and inflated a large ball which is considerably not to those specs, e.g approx. 13.5" x 14" measured on x, y axis. We need to know which to expect. Or put another way, is the kit an anomaly?

An apparatus built to pick up per the manual might be picking up air if balls were per the kit. And if we build to pick up a kit ball, we might puncture one manufactured per the manual. Although I blew it up manually, I do not think it is under-inflated in the least.

You have not fully inflated your Large Ball. You need to inflate the Large Ball until its overall diameter is between 15.5" and 16.5". We recommend that you use an air pump for ease and reliability of inflation.