Answered: Laser Pointer Safety

Not so much a question as a safety suggestion…

As already covered in a couple of posts ([, teams may use laser pointers to assist in aligning their robot with their high goal prior to the beginning of the match. Given the layout of the playing field relative to the audience, we have observed that teams are regularly shooting the lasers through the mesh goal and into the crowd. To help minimize the potential for eye damage, we’d like to suggest that prior to aiming the laser, the team have someone positioned on the outside of the playing field by the corner of their goal to block the laser from entering the audience. We haven’t had any incidents at our competitions this season, but it seems that given the number of teams using lasers is increasing and the number of events held worldwide, we thought that it would be good to have some official recommendations on how to safely use these devices in the context of this competition.



Thank you for the suggestion; this is definitely a good practice.