Answered: Leaving the alliance station in advance for <G4> and <SG4>

How far in advance can the driver/coach leave their alliance station to reposition the robot at the alliance robot interaction spot?
As in, is the driver/coach allowed to go to the alliance robot interaction spot and wait there while the robot is elsewhere on the field or do they have to wait to leave their alliance station until the robot is back at the starting tile before leaving the alliance station to interact with it?

Also, do the restrictions on where the driver/coach is allowed to be when also apply in the skills challenges?

During the Autonomous Period, referees will be very lenient and allow Drivers and Coaches to go to the Alliance Robot Interaction Spots early. Drivers and Coaches may actually start the match from the Alliance Robot Interaction Spot.

For safety reasons, we do not want to have people running back and forth to the spots during the Autonomous Period. Since interaction with the Robot during the Driver Controlled Period is rare, referees will be ensuring that Drivers and Coaches are only on the spots when absolutely necessary.

Yes, however with the same caveats mentioned above regarding the Autonomous Period.