Answered: Leaving the opponents climbing zone

Thank you for your previous response to my last questions. Please allow me to restate one of my questions more clearly…

@reflxshn 2. If pushed into their opponent zone must they leave by any available route, or can they attempt to leave by pushing into their opponent (making the case that they were being blocked from leave in their preferred direction though other options are available)?

Your response
They can leave by any route they wish, but they must do so immediately. If their opponent prevents them from leaving, while not in the process of trying to Elevate or be Elevated, this would be a violation of <SG13>, an intentional strategy causing their opponent to violate a rule.

I’ve attached a picture of a red robot trying to return to his climbing zone and a blue robot trying to block this and getting pushed into the zone. The blue robot has the option to take the green arrow direction but this moves them out of position. If they keep driving in the blue arrow direction are they in violation because they are not vacating the climbing zone?

It’s difficult to issue blanket rulings on dynamic situations, based on a static snapshot. However this does appear to be a violation. At this point they’re initiating and sustaining contact with a Red Robot contacting the Climbing Zone, as well as being in the Climbing Zone.