Answered: LED custom indicator configuration

I’m wondering if an LED light configuration similar to the one found in the vex flashlight would be legal (different LED’s and Resistors). I know they would be legal if they where just for aesthetics, but we are hoping to use them to help the drivers to know how to control the robot. the lights would be powered off a motor port on the cortex. And would probably be brighter than the 5v ones vex sells.


EX1: They light when the speed of the flywheels get to the right speed.

EX2: We where also thinking of using these same lights as a sort of hazard light to let our partner know what we are doing.

Would either of these uses be legal in the high school vex competition?



If you need LEDs as indicators on the robot just use an extension cable and these:

No this is not legal. You are using non VEX parts for functional purposes. If you wanted to do something like this, you’d need to use the VEX LEDs.

One more clarification Question. (Just to make sure we don’t have problems in inspection)

Is it legal to power the VEX LED indicators off a motor port?

Can we “Y” off a “Y” cable with the VEX LED’s?

Thank you so much for your time.

Yes, both are legal.