Answered: LED power

We want to add coloured LED’s to our Robot, since these are just for decoration, are they allowed to have their own power supply or do they have to be powered by the robot. Can they be held on with tape as it is just for decoration. Also, can they be flashing or would this be considered distracting, if they are flashing, can this be done with a non-vex circuit.

Thanks, David

*]LEDs are allowable as non-functional decorations.
*]They cannot have their own power source, but you can pull power from a Digital Output on the VEX Microcontroller.
*]Yes, they can be held on with tape as long as the tape is only used as part of the non-functional decoration and serves no other function on the robot.
*]They can be flashing, but only in a non-functional way.
*]No additional circuitry can be used for flashing the LED’s.

Take note on the distinction between functional and non-functional. If an Inspector or Referee feels the LEDs are providing some sort of feedback to the driver, they would no longer constitute “non-functional”. Make sure you can suitably justify to an inspector their non-functional nature. (i.e. use a uniform blink pattern.)