Answered: Legal Interaction with Controller in Driver Control

Hello Karthik,

Are there any limitation of what a team can and can’t do with their controller during a match? Rule G8 states that it is not allowed to interact with the controller during autonomous, however states no limitations during driver control.

I understand that unplugging from field control, although stated nowhere, is never allowed.


Is there a specific type of interaction you’re asking about? In general there are no restrictions on how you can interact with your controller during the Driver Controlled period, aside from unplugging from the field, however we can’t envision what type of action you think would be prohibited. (Aside from something like smashing the controller with a sledge hammer. See <G1>)

Nope, not planning to smash the controller with a sledgehammer. :slight_smile:

Specifically, I wanted to check that it is allowed to turn the controller off if the robot is for example damaging the field, other robots, or itself. The reason I was asking was because at a competition this weekend we had to turn the controller off due to an issue, and afterwards the ref gave us a warning that this wasn’t a permitted interaction, something I have never heard of or seen in the manual.

Good. :slight_smile:

Yes, turning the controller off (or on) is permitted during the Driver Control Period.

Thanks for the clarification!

You’re welcome!

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