Answered: Legal Match Load?

In the normal competition matches, is this a legal match load? Would it satisfy the “gently placed on robot” condition? (The tile with the red X is a red starting tile.) Thanks! I couldn’t find any other post with this question.

No, these Scoring Objects would not be considered “on” the Robot. For the purposes of this rule, we consider “on” to mean touching the Robot and not touching the foam field tiles.

Thanks! However, we could place the elements right on top of the back such that they would then roll back onto the tiles, correct?

Yes, this would be legal.

Thanks so much! I understand you are really busy preparing for Anaheim; thanks for answering my questions! However, I have one more question: does an element count as a match load if it is only partially touching the starting tile? (and touching or not touching a robot.) Thanks again!

Yes, partially touching is fine.