Answered: Legal Preload Clarification (Cheater Cube)

The Skyrise manual states

“<SG2> Prior to the start of each Match, each Robot must use their one (1) Cube available as a Preload.
A Cube is considered to be legally preloaded if it is touching the Robot, not touching any other grey foam
tiles or the Skyrise Base, and is fully within the field perimeter.”

So would it be legal to put your preload on the 23" low post diagonally so that it is inside the field perimeter and have your robot simply touching the cube?

The preload would be in the position shown here:

The post is 23" tall and the cube is 8" which means the bottom of the cube is around 16" from the floor, so it would be pretty easy for an 18" tall robot to touch the cube from a legal starting position.

Thanks Karthik!

Yes, provided you meet all the above stated criteria, this is legal. You may find it difficult to position the Cube such that it remains fully within the field perimeter.