Answered: Legal to Place Stacks or Goals in Opponent's Way

Cones may not be descored by opposing robots.

And goals may not be placed in opposing zones.

However, we may not intentionally cause our opponent’s to break a rule.

Is it legal to purposefully place your mobile goals ((a) with stacks or (b) without stacks) in front of your opponents’ 5 point zone (not in the zone), in order to make it more difficult for them to return to or leave their zone?

Is it legal for teams to purposefully place stacks in their opponents’ way in order to make it more difficult for them to maneuver? Note, this is not putting stacks specifically near the opposing zone but simply putting stacks near the opposing robots somewhere in the field (obviously not in the direct path of a moving robot).

If either of the above are illegal, would the scenario be legal if the referee deemed the actions unintentional? Or in other words, are teams required to be careful about where they leave their stacks?

Yes, this is legal.

Yes, this is legal.