Answered: Legal use of Loctite in R15(b)

In a recent discussion here on the forum, it was suggested to use Loctite to secure inserts into gears. The way I had always interpreted the rule is that is was only legal for mechanical fasteners (screws and nuts), and things like inserts would not qualify as “hardware” in this definition.

Please clarify exactly what is and is not considered “hardware” that Loctite may be used to secure.

The allowance for Loctite in <R15b> is only intended for mechanical fasteners such as screws and nuts. It does not extend to plastic structural or motion components, such as the shaft inserts for gears or wheels.

Besides the fact that gears are not mechanical fasteners, we would also advise against this application due to potential negative interactions between bolt locker compounds and the types of plastics that are used to manufacture VEX EDR components. The official Loctite website explicitly recommends against using it with plastic, and in our testing we have found that it could actually cause cracking or other failures when applied to certain VEX EDR components.