Answered: Legal Wheel???

Legal Wheel???
These wheels came from an old VEXplorer kit that VEX made and marketed mainly through Radio Shack. If you go on eBay you can find the VEXplorer kits. In the rules for some older events, VEX allowed the use of the parts except the electronics. They even sold some of the VEXplorer parts on the VEX website, including the wheels, until they eliminated their inventory. The VEXplorer kit used to be the only way to purchase the claw until they started manufacturing it with the zinc plated steel with green plastic. The VEXplorer electronics were crappy two wire motors and the controller couldn’t be programmed - radio controlled only, but it did come with a wireless camera which was nice. I don’t have any way to pull up their old website or parts list, but I have the old Purchase Order for when I bought it for our school. Would these wheels be O.K. to use since they are technically legacy parts made and sold by VEX or would we get DQed?
Thanks, David Sander - Wake Forest HS VEX

I’ve quoted the applicable rules below:

Thus, the old VEXplorer wheels are legal for use, despite being discontinued. That being said, you should be prepared to provide documentation to show inspectors who might not be aware.