Answered: Legality of foil for wire management

Hello Karthik!

I was curious if foil could be used legally as a wire management/protective device. According to <R7> k., any “commercially available items used solely for the purpose of wrapping or bundling cables” are acceptable. Would this extend to foil? Just curious since it is an uncommon material, and the forums have taught me that sometimes there are exceptions to rules simply because the GDC has reasoning beyond the single line of thought that teams like us have.

On another note, I noticed there is a spelling error in <R7> k. on the app (“tems” rather than “items”). Hope that helps.


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Not sure if you saw this because I originally posted in the wrong forum. Not trying to be rude, I just want to make sure you have an opportunity to answer it before our next competition on Saturday if you have time. :slight_smile: Thanks!

No, this would not be legal. The intent of this rule is to allow teams to use commercially available bundling solutions. If we were to allow a raw material such as foil, we would basically be allowing any random raw material, which goes beyond what we were trying allow.

Thanks for letting us know!