Answered: Legality of robot grounding wire

Our team had been having issues earlier this season with our robots collecting static from the field and then either shocking the next person who touches the robot (annoying, but nothing too troublesome) or shutting down the IMEs on the drivetrain (actually troublesome). One solution we found for these issues was to install a “grounding wire” on the robot which consisted of a piece of solder wick (just bare copper) with one end tethered to the bot by a bolt and the other dragging along the field. Would this be a legal solution?

We’re in VEX U by the way, in case that affects the answer.

This would only be legal if your “grounding wire” consists solely of legal VEX EDR parts that adhere to all Robot Rules. (e.g. No modification of electronics, etc.)

We recommend that users experiencing static problems spray their field tiles with a coating of anti-static spray. This is done at the VEX Robotics World Championship and greatly reduces the likelihood of any electrostatic discharge issues.

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