Answered: Legality of using VEX parts not to spec

Hi Karhtik,

I have a question regarding the legality of using official VEX parts that are not exactly “to spec”, for example parts that might have a production error.

Would parts that are from “VEX & Official VEX Resellers” be legal for use if they are not exactly the same as the specification stated on the product page? Here are some example of what I mean:

An item is slightly off within a reasonable tolerance, ex. a 5’ piece of latex tubing is 5’ 3". I’d assume this would be fine.

There is a slightly larger discrepancy, but it still generally meets the original product. The instance that comes to mind is that the 2 5’ lengths of latex tubing sometimes came as 1 10’ length, would the 10’ piece be legal to use as it is “officially” came from VEX?

Lastly, an item might have a production defect, such as metal that is missing a hole (wasn’t punched), a different size spacer that came with the rest, or a motor that is wired backwards. Would this be legal?

We can’t give a blanket answer here, as the answer obviously depends on the degree of the deviation. That being said, we rarely have large deviations from the specifications on any official VEX products.

Yes, in the unlikely situation that this happens, this would be legal.

No, this would not be legal. If you have this much discrepancy you should contact us directly ( or 903-453-0802) so we can send you a replacement for your defective product.

Again, we can’t give a blanket answer on these examples. However as stated above, if you a product that is defective in some way, please contact us and we’ll be happy to make things right for you.

Thanks a lot Karthik!

On a different topic, while looking through the Field Specifications (PDF from Appendix A) I noticed that on page 7 it states “HANGING ZONE TAPE TO…”. I believe this should state “Loading zone tape”.

Thanks for letting us know.