Answered: Letting Go While Loading Cones

SG3 states states that cones may not longer be contacted by drive team members once they are "placed on the Loader.

Does “placed” mean as soon as they touch the loader? That is, are drive team members expected to promptly let go of cones?
Or does “placed” mean once the drive team members let go of cones? That is, can drive team members hold the cone while making contact with the loader and position it to their satisfaction (eg rotating it or sliding it around) provided the robot does not contact the cone during this time and the drive team member never lets go of the cone?

Drive Team Members are expected to let go of Cones promptly after placing them on the Loader. However, taking too long to let go almost certainly would only result in a warning. As long as the Drive Team Member isn’t guiding the Cone into a Robot and isn’t creating an unsafe situation, these types of actions are fine.