Answered: Lexan as non functional decoration

I am looking for an official answer regarding the use of Lexan as a non functional decoration.

In the past you have indicated that “If an inspector determines that something on a robot is functional, it is up to the team to prove that it is non functional. The lead inspector at the event has the final decision on the matter.”

I have seen robots which have “wrapped” their robots in Lexan and other non Vex materials. It is my belief that ANY use of materials in this fashion has a functional purpose as it would do the following:
Prevent intentional or non-intentional intrusion of other robots thus preventing damage (disconnecting wires would be one example)
Prevent intrusion of game pieces thus preventing damage to the robot (sacks falling onto gears or chains would be one example)

I have also seen that “Any decoration which interacts with a game piece (even a painted surface) would be considered functional, hence illegal”. I fail to see how the Lexan would NOT come into contact with game pieces as some point during a competition. For that reason I would conclude that Lexan which wraps the robot would be functional (or should be included in the 12"x24" count.

We would like to wrap our robot in .03 Lexan and use the Lexan as a platform for recognizing our sponsors and to identify our team and our school. We believe that we can properly secure all of our wires with zip ties and we can protect our gears and chains with guards thus arguing that it is “non functional”.

An official response would be much appreciated.

Happy New Year as well!

From the given description, this sounds like a legal non-functional direction. However, the final determination will be left of the inspectors at your event, who can examine the robot in detail.