Answered: License Plate Trimming?


So our team was talking about the new(ish) license plates that VEX now uses, and the one thing that kept coming up over and over was what a pain it is to take them off and on for each match. One idea we had was to cut off the bulky part around the edges and only leave our team number and VEX logo, attaching them with magnets we’d glue on the back. I think this question has been answered before, but I couldn’t find an answer in the Forums. Rule <R19> states that they are considered “nonfunctional decoration” and must clearly show which alliance the robot is on, but it doesn’t set a boundary on whether or not it is legal to modify them at all.

The clarification I am looking for is if it would be alright to cut them down, as long as they still clearly show the alliance color and follow the rules of <R19>

Thank you!

The intent of <R19>, which addresses the new license plates, is to have both team number and alliance colour clearly visible. As such, teams are allowed to trim their plates as they see fit, provided that the area for team number stickers is unmodified. i.e. You may trim a small portion around the outer edges.