Answered: Lifting a gate with a fallen robot in the way

Hi, yesterday the second scrimmage of the auckland region was played in new zealand, and with that i have a question regarding the rules.

If a robot falls onto a closed gate, is it legal to open the gate and righting the robot with the gate? if not, what is recommended to be done in this situation?


Let’s take a look at the applicable rules from the VEX Gateway Game Manual:

Looking at <SG13>, we see that the Gate cannot be lifted when an opposing robot is legally interacting with it. However in <SG12> we see that a team may only interact with the gate for 5 seconds. Thus if a robot has fallen onto a closed gate, and remains there for more than 5 seconds, it is now illegally interacting with the gate. This means that it would be legal to lift the gate, despite the presence of the robot.