Answered: Lifting points for DQ'ed robot

We recently had this scenario occur at a competition this weekend. During a qualification match, our ally was in the opponent’s loading zone and was attempting to block their shooting and was later disqualified after the match. At the end of the match, the ally robot that was interfering with the opponent’s loading zone was legally high elevated by our robot in our alliance’s climbing zone. It was said by the referees at the competition that this elevation did not count and did not score 50 points because the robot that was elevated was disqualified after the match. Is this correct interpretation of the rules or should the elevation points have been counted for our team who elevated our partner as I believe that they should have?
Thank you for your time!

The Elevation should still have counted. When a Robot is Disqualified in a Qualification Match. the score should be counted normally, however the Disqualified team will be given an automatic loss.