Answered: line follower

Anyone have an example of the program for Easy C for the line follower program. I’m attempting it now.
I’m utilizing the paper supplied by VEX.

The program that is in the sample files doesn’t help.

Try this thread:

And remeber: search is your friend :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help. This video how to do it, was one of the links provided. Excellent video showing how exactly to do it. It was a while loop with three if statements. I will try it after spring break.

I did get it to work using the transmitter in a while loop with if and else. I basically drove the robot with the transmitter/then if it saw the line the motor would vier away.

It would be nice to take a programming class for the VEX. Is there any offered? I’d love to get into RobotC programming, but don’t have a programming background. I guess that’s why I’m having so many programming issues!!