Answered: Lip on Movable

I would just like to clarify the rule of the projection of a movable goal just to make sure I am understanding it correctly so that in the upcoming competition in New Jersey I do not mess up a decision when reffing.

" If the lip of the movable weighted base is touching a foam tile at the end of the match, the goalpost is not projected"

Now by my understanding that means that “projected” means “scored” is this correct? If so that means when a weighted base’s lip, a.k.a the piece that is another .5 inches outside the rest of the base, once that hits the foam and remains there until the end of the match that goal no longer counts toward a teams score.

I understand that this is only a hypothetical situation but say at the end of the match the lip is on the foam field tiles and the entire venue sees that it is on the tiles. Then one of the refs step into the field and jostles the tiles but not touching the goal and it comes back up to a position where the lip is no longer on the tiles. How does this sort of situation get scored?

Thank you in advance from the NJ refs :smiley:

The word “projected” does not mean “scored”. The projection of the goal post is the imaginary image of the goalpost if it were to be extended. So, when the rule states that the goalpost is no longer projected when the lip is touching the tiles, this means that the imaginary extension is no longer considered. Thus only tubes which encircle the actual goalpost are considered scored when the lip is touching the tiles.

All goals should be scored based on the state they were in at the end of the match once all objects on the field have come to rest. (Please see <G9> from the VEX Round Up Game Manual, quoted below) If the field changes states based on contact by an official or field personnel, it should be scored as it would have been prior to the contact.

Ok now I understand the “projected” vs “scored” thing thank you for clearing that part up.

Now the question is when the Lip is on the floor as well as the rings that encircle the post are also on the floor do those rings count as “scored” or not?

Yes. Please see the definition of Scored, quoted below, from the VEX Round Up Game Manual.

The definition has no reference to tubes touching a foam tile, hence any tubes which do so would still be treated normally.